Can I POST just a Contact Group properties?



Absolute newbie here - I need to write a workflow that updates a one digit field to POST back to the database backend of a web application. The contact is honking huge and the webhook builds a URL much bigger than 2083 bytes. HubSpot only needs to update 3 properties, which were moved to a Contact Group along with a key. Is it possible to POST only those properties - the webhook looks like it sends over everything including the kitchen sink


Hi @MGSeggerman,

It’s not possible to limit the information sent with the POST request when using a webhook action in a workflow. The request will include the same data you’d get when pulling that contact using the Contacts API.


is it possible to remove any contact properties - that we don’t need / use? or is the contact compressed via JSON - the url provided to test with didn’t


i have to insert the dropdown select property in multiple value so how i can insert through api


Hi @php1_Vrinsoft,

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Can you create a new forum topic with some more information (and perhaps some examples) so that we can do some troubleshooting?