Can I query all contacts by a property?


I can’t seem to query by property, say, just get firstname=‘Danny’ or something super simple? I can get queries with lists and recent and all, but not any queries by specific properties, esp. those created by our organization.

Any code examples, etc. would be much appreciated.


Hi @dsheehan

The /search/query endpoint will only work with a few default properties (email, first and last name, and company), and we don’t have a way to search for contacts based on a custom property.

If you’re going to need to find all contacts with a certain value for a property on a regular basis, your best bet would be to create a smart list with that criteria, then periodically poll for new records in that list.

If you’re only doing this search once, you can still create a list for this, and pull all of the records in the list.

It’s also possible to create lists through the API.


Thanks for the reply. Is that feature ever going to be integrated into the API? It’s certainly something that we’re interested in for our CRM.


SELECT * FROM contacts where custom_property = custom_value. IMO, this endpoint would be very very useful.


I agree, @Suresh_Kumar_Mukhiya. I'd love to see logic like that implemented.

This topic is quite similar to this one.

If you'd like to see more robust property search options for contacts and other objects, I recommend upvoting and commenting on this feature request. I've already upvoted the idea myself.