Can no longer refresh access token


Recently we realized our automated process to pull contacts, companies, and deals was no longer getting extracts, apparently we were no longer able to generate an access token from our refresh token. The last successful pull was 2018-01-04. I believe this is due to the implementation of oauth2 and deprecation of the old OAuth v1. In testing what I believe should be a valid request I get a '400' 'Bad Request' errror. Here are the connection parameters:
Header: 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8'
HTTPS Post to
Body: grant_type=refresh_token&client_id=xxxxxxxxxxxx&client_secret=yyyyyyyyyyyyyy&redirect_uri=

Also it would seem I can no longer access the app that I created years ago for the api.


Hi @dgg,

You're correct, OAuth1 has been deprecated in favor of OAuth2 (see below). That request appears to be valid for OAuth2 though; are you using your OAuth1 refresh token with that endpoint? OAuth1 refresh tokens are incompatible with OAuth2; you'll need to re-auth your app to obtain an OAuth2 refresh token.

I can help with accessing your developer account. Can you direct message me the Hub ID / app ID / client ID associated with the developer account?


Hi Derek, did you get this?
reference: Can no longer refresh access token

I created the app some time ago and really have had no cause to revisit the developer site for quite a while.
I used login to get to my developer app before, now when I log in I get by which I can access a couple of domains.
One of the domains takes me to :
But I don't think that is correct

App Name: bol_access
App TypeCustom
App ID: 29193
897446 -
Client ID

Thanks for your help on this matter!

Any news?