Can not create event in timeline


Im using api to create new event show in contact timeline.
i have success send request but nothing show in contact timeline.
please help:

My POST request:
"name":"New Event Type",
"headerTemplate":"Title for event ",
"detailTemplate":"This event happened on ",
"email": ""

success but nothing show in my contact timeline


I tried curl too but nothing show:

curl -X PUion/json" -d '
"id": 380132,
"applicationId": 181313,
"name": "Example event type",
"headerTemplate": "Registered for [{{webinarName}}]",
"detailTemplate": "Registration occurred at {{#formatDate timestamp}}{{/formatDate}}",
"email": ""
}' ''


Hi @TechGuyVN, In order to use this endpoint, you'll need to go through the Oauth flow:, as a Hapikey won't have the proper permissions to your application. From the timeline api docs:

Note that you can't use the developer hapikey to create events. This is because the developer hapikey is only for setting up event-types from your development portal. To create an event for a HubSpot portal, that portal will need to grant access to your application via OAuth. Using our OAuth flow you'll need to obtain an access token for a portal and use that to add events to that portal's contacts