Can not setup WebHook



The thing that when you create a developer account is not linked to your business portal is messing me up again. I understand that this may give you more flexibility and power, but still … make simple things harder.

Requirement: I want to receive a hook when a field have changed in a company, in my business portal.


I evaluated webhooks API, created in my developer portal a subscription over the required field, and tested the webhook. “The webhook was sent” But it paused and didn’t let me enable it, not saving it with the valid webhook destination URL.

Not sure why is that.

I understand that after this step is completed I need to install this app into our business portal, and test it through oAuth, is that right? I need to install this app in every portal user?

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@iperalta Yes the dev portals were created with the idea that an app could be installed into multiple portals which is why it is not a 1 to 1 relationship with your business portal. Once you have the test webhook successfully post/get to your endpoint you will need to install it to your business portal via OAuth2.


Thanks Peter @pmanca, you confirmed my guess, but not answered my doubt.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, I can not save my webhook link, and the activation is paused, without a way to activate it.

Do you know which could be the issue?

Otherwise I tried to save my application details unsuccessfully, there are any limitations related to the navigator, I uploaded the app icons several times and always get lost when I change the screen.

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@iperalta this looks like it might be a product issue as you have your url set. I would reach out to support with that.


Even if I’m logged, this link ask me to login again, and when I click the button bring my to myaccounts … no way to submit a ticket …


@iperalta I’m sorry, this sounds like a really terrible experience for you. Something most definitely sounds wrong on our end. Since this is a dev forum and not a support channel I don’t have the resources/tools to lend a hand to you and help troubleshoot it. I would try emailing or calling support. They can set up a screen share with you and submit the ticket on your behalf. Please let me know if you are having trouble getting into contact with them.


Had the same problem with a link to posted here by an admin.
Forget about it, go to the page where you have a problem and click the “help” button on the bottom right.

@pmanca, please stop posting this link.