Can we create new module like flexible column which can contain other module inside it?


I am trying to make a new module which can act like flexible column and inside it, we can add another module like rich text box, images, slider etc and can be used as repeater field like the flexible column. Is it possible to create such module in Hubspot which can be reused again and again?

{% widget_container "my_flexible_column" label="Custom Widget Box" %}
    {% rich_text "my_rich_text" %}
    {% rich_text "second_rich_text" %}
{% end_widget_container %}

I am trying to use this but getting error "widget_container" is disabled in this context.

Anyone who can help me in this.

Thank you in advance,



Hi @dghimire,

I don't believe it's possible to replicate the behavior of flex columns with custom HubL modules. Can you send me a link to an example page where you're seeing the error above so that I can take a closer look to confirm?