Can we filter the companies using a custom property


i am reading the HubSpot API documentations, and seems we can get all the companies we have using this end point and we can get any custom property we have. but we have a cusotm property of type dropdown list which has 2 vales (Yes & No).. so can i filter our companies and ONLY get the ones which have their custom property = YES??


Hey, @johnjohn123.

At this time, it is not possible to search or retrieve company records by specific property values — only by domain.

Currently, the best way to approach this is to loop through this endpoint to retrieve all company records in your account, then identify all which have the custom property value of YES.

I have heard requests for more robust Companies API search options before, though. If you would like to see a property search feature added, please upvote and comment on this HubSpot Community Ideas Forum post. This information is sent directly to our Product team and helps prioritize feature requests that have the greatest impact on our customers. I’ve already upvoted the idea and will also pass this feedback along through internal channels.

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