Can we get the organizations’ web site addresses and populate the organization additional properties using API


I am new to HubSpot API. And currently I need to know if those 2 actions are supported inside our api:-

Currently Inside the Organization/company module, we have added 2 extra properties named “Business category” + “internal Priority”, where these properties are of type free text. so my questiosn are:-

  1. Using the api can I get the web site address for all our organization/companies?
  2. Using the api can I update the values for the additional properties we have (named “Business category” + “internal Priority”)?



Welcome, @johnjohn123!

Happy to clarify:

  1. Have you already stored each organization's web address in a company property, like the default property Website URL (internal name: website)? If you have, then you can retrieve these values through the Companies API. For example, if you use the Get all companies endpoint, you would include the query parameter properties=website to return each company record's website property value.
  2. You can certainly update custom property values through the Companies API. If you're updating one record at a time, use this endpoint; if you're making multiple edits at once, use this endpoint. (Keep in mind, you will likely have to retrieve the companies first so that you know their IDs.)


ok thanks a lot for the help.. looks like HubSpot API contains everything we need...