Can you exclude blogs by tag in the default Blog List view?


My client is wanting to exclude all blogs related to specific tags in the blog list view in HubSpot and only show those excluded blogs if the user selects the tag in the filter by blog dropdown we've created. Is this possible?


Hi @jonmiller, that type of filtering should be possible. Can you send a link to the template so that I can take a closer look for you?


Awesome! Here you go:

To clarify, I am looking for the blog list to exclude all City specific tags on initial load. The only way to view the city tagged blogs would be to select the tag in the filter section.

I appreciate you looking into this for me.


Hey @jonmiller, have you taken a look at the following topics that I believe go over something similar?

This may help guide you in the right direction. One thing that may not work here is that HubL logic might only work on the first "page" in your blog. Since you use infinite scroll, blog posts on each subsequent "page" may not be taken into consideration on page load, so it's possible that some JavaScript/ Jquery would be needed instead.


Thank you for the insight. I will get these articles a read and see if I can hack something together.