Cannot access HubSpot account


Hey, please advise how can I solve this issue. Somehow I can get emails from account 2455790

But I can’t see this account in my admin panel

The email address is the same for both


Hi there,

It looks like the HubSpot portal with Hub ID 2455790 was created in 2016 for the domain, but at present does not have any users associated with it. I see you have another portal, with Hub ID 2608170, that’s associated with

Did you want to keep the portal with Hub ID 2455790, for If not, I can simply delete this for you. Otherwise, I will add one of the users that is associated with 2608170 to this secondary portal, so that you may access it.

Please let me know! Cheers.


Please just add me to Hub ID 2455790, and I’ll inspect what’s going on there and delete if needed. Many thanks in advance.


Hey, did you have a minute to fix this? Many thanks


Thanks for checking back in - apologies, I didn’t see your earlier response. I’ve added as a user to the second portal. Please let me know if you’re still unable to access this account. Cheers!