Cannot add contat property - multi select




I am struggling to add a multi-select property to the contact information. The error I get is “property group does not exist”.

The payload is below:

{“name”:“role”,“groupName”:“Contact Information”, “label”:“Role”,“description”:“Retail Toolkit roles”,“groupName”:null,“type”:null,“fieldType”:“enumeration”,“hidden”:false,“options”:[{“label”:“Admin”,“value”:“Admin”},{“label”:“User”,“value”:“User”}],“formField”:true}

The url I use to access the app is :

Any help would be hugely appreciated.



Hi @mojo,

In your request body, you have the groupName field set to null. groupName is a required parameter, and must match the name of an existing property group in your portal. The following document contains some more details on property groups, as well an endpoint to get a portal’s contact property groups:


Hey Derek,

Thanks for this - I realized I was stating the groupName twice. Doh!