Cannot add deleted contacts to a list, but receive no notification that the email address was "invalid"



This question is more relevant to my testing of my integration than its future use by end users.

Basically, I want to send a selection of many contacts to Hubspot. I first create a list, then attempt to add contacts to that list, and if there any “valid” email addresses within the “invalidEmails” portion of the Add to List response, I attempt to “create” them via a batch create request.

That works fine, the first time, and I then delete those newly created contacts and start over.

The next time I attempt the same thing, with the same email addresses, those email addresses no longer appear in the “invalidEmails” collection.

If I attempt the “batch get many contacts by email” request with &includeDeletes=true, then I see the deleted contacts. If I do the “Get Single Contact By Email” with &includeDeletes=true (though undocumented), the deleted contact is also returned.

So it appears that Hubspot is purposefully disallowing the adding of a deleted contact to a list, which somewhat makes sense, but should it not also inform me that the email address was invalid, so that I know it needs to be re-created?

Thanks for any suggestions.