Cannot create a task using HubSpot API



It is not possible to create a task using HubSpot API. Instead, it is returning this error:

{u'status': u'error', u'message': u'{"status":"error","message":"Unable to infer object type from: engagement"}', u'requestId': u'ac74118a27f9b5ef1dba31df6bbde4d1', u'correlationId': u'22be89d7-3af0-46ec-b6c7-0c937ea3a648'}

It'll be helpful if anyone can provide more information on this message. I apologize if this is not under the right topic.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @JayH, make sure to include the forObjectType property in your POST request.

I was able to create a new engagement via the endpoint in my own portal, so looks like the endpoint is working as expected at the moment. Let me know if that doesn't resolve your issue.