Cannot create owner using API


Hi Everyone!

We trying to create an owner using API. Don’t receive error on execute and appears on API Get Owners but not appears on Owners using HubSpot GUI.

Our code:



Hey @Julio_Cesar

There is an answer to this question here:



Hi Sebatian,

I see this post, but if you see in our code, we put the remote and active.



Hey guys,

Same problem here. The remotelist doesn`t work.
@seb_fairchild Do you have any other suggestion???


This just worked for me using and:

    "portalId": 142972,
    "type": "PERSON",
    "firstName": "Dwight",
    "lastName": "Schrute",
    "email": "",
    "remoteList" : [
            "portalId" : 142972,
            "remoteType" : "EMAIL",
            "remoteId": "",
            "active": true


We need to assign owners via the API as well. We’ve been able to create the owners with the Get Owner endpoint.

Since they don’t show up in the UI, we’re not able to assign those owners within HubSpot using Workflows.

Is there any way we could see a little more documentation for the Get Owners endpoint to understand what we need to do to make this work? We’re so close. :slight_smile: