Cannot fetch more than 10,000 records for endpoint


My company has an integration with Hubspot, and we often make a lot of API calls against certain endpoints. I’ve never encountered an endpoint breaking after going 10,000 records deep, yet this occurred earlier this week:

curl ‘{access_token}&offset=10000

“status”: “error”,
“message”: “Cannot fetch more than 10000 total records for this endpoint”,
“correlationId”: “{dont_know_if_this_is_secret}”,
“requestId”: “{dont_know_if_this_is_secret}”

Does anyone know why an endpoint may be inaccessible after 10,000 records? Thanks!

Hard limit for no. of deal records extracted using API (Ticket number: #2057435)

Hi @Ian_Woods

The /recent companies endpoints were updated at the start of November to return only the 10k most recently updated records. You can find more details in the announcement posts here:

If you’re trying to get all of the companies in HubSpot, you can do that with the new endpoint documented here:


Great, that explains it.

Thanks so much for the response.