Cannot get engagements associated with deal by using hubspot API


we read the document about getting engagements associated with contacts /deals:

we can successfully get engagements associated with contacts. However, we cannot get engagements with deals.

This is our sample URL and sample deal. It returns empty but the deal actually has tasks associated with it:{{our_id}}/paged?limit=100&access_token={{token}}&offset=0


Hi @richard

Do you have an example deal that I’d be able to look at? I’m not seeing any problems getting associated engagements for deals in a few test portals so I’d need to see the data you’re working with.


thanks, Dadams.

here is one example deal:

We cannot use the API to get engagements associated with it. However, I can get engagements associated with contacts.


Thanks @richard. Looking at that deal, there aren’t any engagements associated directly with that deal.

When you’re viewing the deal in HubSpot, the timeline will show engagements associated with contacts or the company associated with the deal, but the API will only return records that are directly associated with the deal itself.


thanks, David. I will check more. Thank you for the help!