Cannot See Contacts in Developer Portal



I created a call to the Contact API, and receive a 200 success message, it returns the profile-token, URL, etc… However, I’m not able to see this contact through the developer portal. I can’t access that URL (“Page Not Found”), and can’t find a way to navigate to a Contacts list in my developer Portal for this account.


@krissietyrrell Developer portals don’t have access to contacts, or any other of the normal tools, they just the developer tools (creating apps and test portals). Did you create a test portal for this? Test portals are separate from the developer account, so if you’re creating contacts in the test portal, you’d need to log into the test portal (which you can do from the Test Portals dashboard in the developer account) to see any contacts.



I am facing a similar issue. How do I access the contacts in our production instance? So far, I can only access the contacts created in the developer/test portal. I only have the api key generated for the developer account. Does somebody who owns the hubspot application in my organization have to generate the API key from the Production portal?