Cannot submit events through the HTTP API


I´m trying to submit an event through the HTTP API and I’m not able to see the Completions number going up and I don´t receive any error from the API neither when doing the API call.

Here is the endpoint I´m using to trigger the event:

I have noticed an strange behaviour, if a send a non existing event id through the HTTP API I can see a new event created with a name combining parts of the API Request, like the hubspot api key.

I´m using the following external PHP library




The completions, contacts, and other report data are not updated in real time. The actual delay will appear at the bottom of the right sidebar when viewing the Events dashboard or when viewing the report for a specific event. Also, events will be filtered by IP, so if you’re testing from an IP you have set up on the Reports > Reports settings
that event completion would be filtered out . You can see more real time data by viewing the activity log, viewable from a link in the right sidebar when viewing the details for an event.

Creating a new event happens almost instantly. If you’re triggering an event using an ID that doesn’t exist, we’ll create a new event using the _n= parameteras the name of the event. If you’re seeing the API key in the name, it’s possible that there’s a missing & in the URL so the _n= and hapikey= parameters may not be separated correctly. Also, the Events API doesn’t require an API key, so it shouldn’t be included in the URL.