Can't edit deal products integrated by API



we have create some products with Hubspot UI and we imported some others whith the Product API.

After that, we added one product of each source into a deal and we discovered than we could only edit products created in the UI. For the others, when we click on edit button, the edit window is grayed and we can't edit any of properties.

I looked for the source type of products with Product API and I saw than imported ones have "INTEGRATION" type instead "API".

Does someone know why it's this source type and if it's the cause of our problem ?



after some tests, I discovered than using the hapikey (like when I created products for the first time), it flags it as 'API' source. But when I use 'OAuth' authentification, it flags the product with 'INTEGRATION' source.

I thought than authentification method would not change the API behaviour but it seems to not use the same source for created products.

Does someone know why I can't have 'API' as source using the API depeding on which authentification method I use ?


Hi @David_Couturier,

The different source labels allow users to distinguish between OAuth-authenticated changes and HAPIkey-authenticated changes. If only the "API" source existed, users would not know whether a change came from an authenticated app or because their HAPIkey was compromised.

I created a product in my own account via this method using my HAPIkey. I was able to edit the product's properties, however.

Would you confirm your Hub ID and send me a link to the OAuth-created product you wish to edit?


I can edit product too, but when I add one of them into a deal, there I can't modify it (change quantity or make a commercial discount).

With an Hapikey integrated product, I can modify it.


With a product inserted by OAuth token, I can't.

I'm not sure of wich value is the Hub ID.
Is it the one in the url after the page name or we can found it elsewhere ?
Can I safely post it here or I should send it by message for security (our enterprise actually start to use the hub in with production data for validating use) ?


Hi @David_Couturier,

Apologies for the delayed response. Thank you for the clarification!

Yes, the Hub ID can be found in the page URL. Feel free to post it here (it's safe) so I can take a closer look.


Hello @Isaac_Takushi,

the Hub Id is 4497457.

There is a test Deal named "TEMPORAIRE : Test correction bug produits non éditables".
I put 2 products inside it :

  • the first imported with OAuth token
  • the second imported with Hapikey

I can edit data for the first in the deal, but I can't for the second one.


Hi @David_Couturier,

I've replicated this behavior in my own account and will seek insight from the team.


Hey @David_Couturier,

I was able to confirm that this is expected behavior at this time. The Products API requires the e-commerce scope, and all products created through OAuth integrations are treated as having synced from an e-commerce store. As such, the team chose to limit the ability of integration users to edit the synced products.

I certainly see the use case in being able to edit these properties, however. I recommend posting your request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum. This information is sent directly to our product team and helps prioritize feature requests that have the greatest impact on our customers. I am also passing your feedback along through internal channels.


OK, thank you for your answer.

So, the product's API works different from other ones.

I created a post on Community forum about this.

Thanks and have a good day !

Edit: this answer solved the question even if it does not solve the problem (we will continue to use API key for now).