Can't find contacts in dashboard even after successfully adding them



I have a rails application in which I send a request to Hubspot to create a new contact every time a user opts-in. I send the request directly from my backend and this is the response I’m getting at the moment:


So this means that it is creating the contact successfully.

Even when I try to check if the user with the above email exists then I still get a proper response back from Hubspot.

#<Hubspot::Contact:0x007fe19b9544d8 @properties={....}, , @is_contact=true, @vid=701>

But I can’t find the user on my dashboard in All Contacts list. So where exactly are these contacts getting added?

I added a property lifecyclestage to add the contact in the specific list I guess even that doesn’t do anything because I can’t find the contact under All Contacts