Can't GET more than one property using API




We are trying to GET a list of deals with some properties. We are doing this call:


But we are not getting both properties, we are just receiving the last one (dealstage). I tried to change the order of the properties:


But in this case we only receive “dealname” property. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


@mdomga I will PM you to ask for the full call to see if I can reproduce it on my end


Confirming this bug. My client is awaiting for work, guys please fix asap!
Or tell me what to do. Asking API for single deals is not suitable turn around, as long as we have too much deals to export them 10 times per seconds (which is API rate limit)


@perimetral Can you show me the call you are making?


Please exuse me, i’ve figured out i’ve been using of different versions of query determining inside my sources, resulting in assigning of query to invalid value.