Can't see hs_facebookId contact property


I am using demo account for testing API endpoint. The link is Internal name of property is hs_facebookId, but I can't its actual name. How do I find it?


Please reply.
Also 'Default HubSpot blog email subscription' field is default field for contact in HubSpot. But how does different HubSpot account have the different internal name? PFA


Hi @Prasad_Satalkar1,

The hs_facebookId property in that portal is marked as hidden, meaning it can't be viewed in the HubSpot UI. hidden properties are generally used for internal processes or storing information that doesn't need to be surfaced in-app.

Regarding your second question: Internal property names are unique within a portal, but not necessarily between portals. The blog subscription properties are generated dynamically, so the internal property name will differ between portals. On the contrary, the default property firstname is the same in any portal.