Cant See the created Hubspot Contact/Deal/Company property



I am trying to create a custom property for Deals, When I execute the POST call in fiddler, it shows me a success code of 200 but when I try to lookup for the property, I cant find it. Attached is the screenshot for the same.

Same stands for the contacts and companies api as well


@kushagra Can you see it in the UI?

You might need to have 1 instance of a value being supplied to the property for it to display via the endpoint.


I cant see it in UI, I get a 200 status on posting this request from
fiddler, from code i get 500 internal server error.

What do you mean when you say one instance of a value? Can you elaborate
with an example



Solved it, Its strange that its not documented somewhere that all property names should be lowercased.