Can't upload into subfolder with Filezilla


Hi there,
i'm trying to start building our new website through Hubspot.
I want to work on local files, then upload with Filezilla (I work on a staging domain name on hubspot).

Right now i have a few things blocking me before i have even starting (and support has no clue about this issue and redirect to the forum...).

I'm trying to work on a folder and subfolder like :

Right now, this folder is creating in : /Coded Files/Custom/page/mywebsite/
What's weird :

#1 : On FileZilla, i find it in : /templates/custom/page/Chrono_AccentUI_2019 (and if i go in /templates/custom/page/ in the Design Manager, i can't see the folder because it is in Coded Files).

#2 From FileZilla, i can upload in /content/templates/custom/page/mywebsite, but not in /content/templates/custom/page/Chrono_AccentUI_2019/Assets (or /Views). I got an Error in Output File.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
I join a screenshot of my FTP. mywebsite folder is Chrono_AccentUI_2019!


@Sebastien_Chronogolf - It isn't recommended to create files through filezilla. Aside from possible permission issues, you run into issues like these. Try to create your files first in the design manager or using the api, then sync your filezilla to those files.


Thanks for your answer.
I tried create everything through Hubspot (folder and files).

But i still can replace my file in /Assets/Css with filezilla.

|Response: |551 /portals/2212975-chronogolf/content/templates/custom/page/Chrono2019_AccentUI/Assets/Css/chrono2019_accentui.css: Error on output file.|
|Error:        |File transfer failed|

Edit :
After new tests, i confirm it's working if i upload into /Chrono2019_AccentUI.
It's not if i upload into a subfolder of this folder (even if created thought Hubspot...).
So, what's the deal? Having all our website files (CSS,JS,HTML) in one folder ? I already have a lot of files on the Styes, CSS, JS default folder from our current website)


I find a solution.
I created my folder from Hubspot, but not inside the Coded Files or Template folder.
Directly of the root of the new FTP.

On filezilla, i now have a path like : /portals/2212975-chrono/content/designs/Chrono_AccentUI_2019 and i can upload in subfolder.