Cant't send email, when the sneder is with variable (or token)




** i trying to send an email, but each time to a diffrent mail with a different sender.

  1. my email template for it looks like this:

From {{contact.connect_senders}} <{{}}>
Subject line Intro to {{}}?
Preview text I hope this message finds you well.

**** there is more parameters inside the mail itself, but they work fine.

  1. my JSON in the code looks like this:

this._contactProperties = [
value: this._company
value: this._sentFromName
value: this._sentFromEmail

===> and when i sending => from: X@gmail -> to: X@gmail it’s working.

===> but when i sending => from: -> to: most of the time it will not working!!!
(sometimes, i mean rarely it’s does work)

when it’s not working i get this error =>

500 - {“status”:“error”,“message”:“internal error”,“correlationId”:“token**”",“requestId”:“token**”}

*** i don’t understand why.