Captcha in Hubspot Forms API



I am trying to activate the captcha on some of our hubspot forms that we are using on our website (with the API).
Looks like it’s not activating at all on the forms integrated with the API but working on forms that i used the embed code on.

Any ideas how we could fix this?



Hi @iulian

The captcha setting only affects the embedded form you’d get using the embed code. If you’re using your own custom forms and sending the data to HubSpot using the Forms API, you would need to add captcha to your form separately.


We are using the HubSpot API and have made our own implementation of Googles ReCaptcha. We are validating before sending the form data via the API to HubSpot, and it has worked fine since November/December last year. We have used the captcha switch on the HubSpot form (Options > Display Captcha on this form?) on our side to decide which forms to add the captcha.

But now we see that when that switch is on, HubSpot is now rejecting the posted data. The response is an html page with a message saying something about invalid captcha. And, as far as we see, the posted data are lost. :frowning:

We will handle this by always have the HubSpot form captcha switched off (and verify that it actually is, before showing the form). But because we may have lost important data here, we are very interested in knowing when this “feature” was introduced. For, as far as we can see, this has changed recently. And maybe this have affected other clients too. :-/


I have encountered a similar problem. We have an Agency Partner Account and one of our accounts had the Captcha Widget turned on for a form that we used the Forms API for.

We are looking to find the “rejected” submissions somehow from Jan '17 to May '17. Please advise.

Thanks! Ashley