Capture GCLID Stored in Cookie


Hi folks,

We’re trying to capture a Google Ads Click ID (GCLID) upon form submission - this will allow us to stitch together post-conversion performance to the original AdWords click.

We’re storing this parameter in a cookie when a user arrives on one of our page (per step 2.1 here:

However, we’re having trouble pulling this parameter out of the cookie upon form submission in Hubspot forms.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to make this happen?

See here for an example of this setup:


Gclid tracking via cookie

I’ve got the same challenge. What have you tried so far?


Hi @Aron_Skversky and @ChrisJustin,

I recently wrote a blog post detailing how to solve for this:

Check it out and let me know what you think!




Just tested this out. For some reason the Gravity Form was not being hidden, despite following the settings in your gif. Anyway, I think I was able to figure it out based on your post, after a lot of troubleshooting and learning about Google Tag Manager. Thanks!


@ChrisJustin Setting the field won’t hide the entire form, just that field. If that setting wasn’t hiding your field, could be an issue with your theme. :confused:

Glad it ended up working out for you!