Change colour of blog subscribe button



I can’t find the right place in the system to change the colour of the blog subscription button. Somewhere in the system it got set to a pink hex code on initial setup but we’ve since rebranded and I can’t see where that button colour is controlled. I found the form but you can’t change any settings on the button.

Here’s an example of a blog page with the subscribe widget in the sidebar and beneath the copy:

Thanks in advance.


You can always change it using custom CSS

Something like:

.widget-type-blog_subscribe .hs_submit .hs-button{
background-color: New colour;


Ok great, guessing from the CSS that there isn’t a setting somewhere? Also - where do you put that code in the file? Thanks again. Alex


They’ve changed the layout of the COS and it’s difficult to find the settings, but I think they were in Email settings before?

Content settings -> email

If not you can always:

  1. Go to Design manager

  2. Coded files -> Custom -> Page -> CSS

  3. Create a new file (make sure the extension is .css)

  4. Add in the rules

  5. Take the public url from the Actions button

  6. Add into appropriate location

Now the location depends on your needs: template wide, global or just for 1 page.
You can select the +add stylesheet option on:

  • Content Settings

  • Template Head (Select Action -> edit head)

  • Just for that page (Go to settings and add in the stylesheet)


Hi @alexknight99 ,

I jumped into your portal and found where that color was: I’ll direct message you the info. In general, @dannio is spot on with the best practice for changing CSS.


Thanks both. I changed the colour ref’s in the company main CSS file and all sorted now.

Much appreciated,