Chat / Inbox API


Hey guys,

I was able to figure out how to identify my current user in my application so that when they ask a question we identify them to our support staff. However, I have not been able to figure out a way to place a message in their chat window. What I'd like to basically do is send them a notification when something finishes on our end (a long running process).

I reached out to support and this was their response..."this confirms that there isn't currently an API to read/write to inbox conversations (including targeted messages/live chat)."

I hope this incorrect. Can someone please confirm (and tell me if I need to move to ZenDesk for support or give me an ETA) or better yet, tell me the APIs I can use!



Hey @brownb6483, there's no current way to trigger a chat from the system to the user like you're describing right now. If a live customer support rep is talking to somebody from your system, there isn't a way for you to programmatically send a notification through that chat window to trigger that. If they were speaking with a bot, you might be able to run a code snippet after a contact answers a question, but not in the way you're describing


Thanks for this information. This seems like a mandatory API from my perspective. Any thoughts on when this API might be written? Is it in the pipeline for development now?


Hi @brownb6483, not that I'm aware of. Your use-case seems sort of like a cross between workflows and bots. There'd probably have to be a workflow action created that can run some code that could talk to your external system and your external system send something back. Do you have an example feature from another platform that I could send along to our developers? I'd also recommend posting your idea in the ideas forum as our team actively monitors it: