Chatbot slack integration current page


Hi there:
I am having an issue when using the hubspot chatbot. The the current page url is super long in slack integration. you can see from the screenshot

the real url is just it seems like it get the access token and other information from somewhere. could you tell me how you guys read this value from the page so we can try to remove the access token from our end. or is that possible that we can remove the current page section in slack?


Hi @ukmyjn123, have you reached out to Support about this issue yet? It's hard to reproduce the error since I'm unable to get into your Slack account, but a support rep could get on a screenshare with you to go over what might be going on.

I was unable to reproduce this issue with my own slack-hubspot integration, but there could be something in particular with your setup that I'm missing. Can you reply with your HubID? Thanks!


I do reached out with Support and the support said the HubSpot Chatbot management page can not control the current page url display. The issue happens when I login into our site. We are using Auth0 to control log in and they have access token stored in the session. The HubID is 2016431. You can also go to our website and take a look. in login page the chat bot works fine but after login( you can create a new user to login) we have this issue. Thank for your help. If you need more information please let me know.

Thanks again!


Hi @ukmyjn123, thanks for providing that detail! I definitely have a better understanding for what your issue is now. Unfortunately, I do believe Stephen was right when he said you cannot change that. If users are in need of help on that page, your OAuth0 app is using query parameters to validate that user against your system to see if they're logged in or have the right credentials. Then users get redirected to their account page on your website. Since we cannot remove the query parameters as they are needed for your Oauth setup, the URL in slack also cannot be modified. Let me know if this makes sense or not.


Hi Connor:
Thanks for your answer, it make sense. I saw the Chat bot integration is just a JavaScript link. and do you know where the Javascript is reading this query parameters? so that we can stop it from reading query parameters from our end by down the javascript locally and modify it a little bit. Looks like our product don't like the super long url in slack so we can not use the chat bot for our product. so I am wondering if that's another way we can do or not?

Hope that make sense.

Thanks Again!


Hi @ukmyjn123, unfortunately not. Your chat feature exists on the login page. Since your links contain all of those query parameters in them (and they appear to be necessary for OAuth purposes) there wouldn't be a way around this. You could try sanitizing the URL on page load, but that would wipe out your query params and conceivably not allow your OAuth flow to work, though I don't know the intricacies of how you're passing the parameters and if they're necessary for your setup to work.


Thank you for your information any way!