Chatbots: API or not?



Hello everyone,

I am building a chatbot for a client and he wants to let it communicate it with a database to get information from there based on the user particular request. (The system is not built yet, the IT team is waiting for my feedback).

He offers a delivery service, so if the user selects "I've not received my package" the chatbot should automatically take the data in the back office, see if the currier has changed the delivery status or if it's too early to ask that.. all based on an order number of the user stored in the database.

So, I know that it's possible to let the Hubspot communicate with an API to an external system through the webhook function, but I wanted to ask:

  1. Are there specific requirements to let the API and the system work best with the Hubspot bot builder?

  2. Would you suggest migrating all the data on Hubspot attaching it to every contact so it's better for Hubspot, thus increasing the speed of the answer and the support checking made by humans?

Thank you very much,



Hi @Ivano_Stella, if you're manually updating values in your external system already, it may be a good idea to migrate the data to HubSpot so that you won't need the webhook, but I see no issues with going the webhook route. There aren't any specific API requirements, just that you make the right requests and format your data properly. Other than that you should be set!