Check Batch_update history and performance


Is there a way to check who has performed a batch update and on which contact list? Is there a way for the batch update history to be viewed?

A bunch of our contacts were updated and some contact properties were changed. The source of the update is batch_update. We would like to check who performed this action and on which contact list.

Is there a workaround for that?


Forgot to mention that on date when the batch update was performed there isn’t a single contacts import or workflow performed. That makes it even more difficult to find out how the batch update occurred.


@Desi_Pepova In terms of getting some change logs your best bet might be our support team.

They have more access in being able to dig through who made what changes. I’m not positive they can pull this information but they would be your best bet. Let me know if you have any trouble contacting them.


Thank you pmanca!

I have opened a ticket with the support team to see if they can help. :}}