Check daily API usage



I used the "integrations/v1/limit/daily" endpoint to get the number of API calls for the day, but the returned result seems wrong.

When I check the "/monitoring/api" page of the Hub, i can see between 300 and 400 calls from this morning, that is correct about our use of the API but when I call the endpoint I get only 17 calls.


APIs requests used today are essentially from Deal, Contact and Company APIs with some sucess call and some faillures. I checked APIs docs and endpoints used have "Rate Limited : Yes".

Does someone have an idea of why this endpoint result is wrong ?

Thanks for reading and have a good day.


Hi @David_Couturier, if you're checking your dev portal on your API calls for the day, this method wouldn't work if your application uses OAuth. This limit is only shown for requests that you've made using your API key. If your API key is not the authentication method that you use, the numbers won't match.


Oh OK, thanks.

We are using Oauth for most of ours requests and the api key for some ones only, that is why the number is too low.

Thanks, for your answer !