Check if subscribed already?


A clients blog has a popup fire once the user has reached the bottom of the page asking if they want to subscribe to the blog. Is there anyway of checking to see if the user has already done this via either IP or a cookie so we don’t have it fire for them?



@PaulAxonGarside As long as the tracking code is on the blog(will be by default if hosted by HubSpot) then you can make an API call to get the contact properties from hubspot. The cookie is stored on their browser that is initially placed by the tracking code. If the value of the blog subscriber email address is known then you know not to show the pop up. If it is not known then you should show the pop up asking them to subscribe.


Hi @pmanca

Thanks for the update, so I can only check if HubSpot already knows their email address? What if they submitted their address via a landing page but aren’t actually subscribed to the blog? Is there a way to check against a specific form?

Many thanks


@PaulAxonGarside from the cookie on the site we will know who they are. Once we know who they are we can make a call to get all of the contact properties or specific ones. You can check at this point the value of any property. The one that seems relevant to your current use case would be if there is a blog subscribe value or not. Here is a link to the API docs on getting a contact as well.