Check out the new version of the developer tools!



Hello everyone,

You may have noticed a new link at the top of your developer portal:

Clicking that link will take you to a new version of the Developer Dashboard and developer tools. You’ll see the tools have the new HubSpot visual UI, similar to other recent updates in HubSpot. You’ll also see expanded explanations for the settings you’ll see when updating the settings for your apps.

The new look is currently opt-in, so you’ll need to click that link in order to use the new version. If you have any feedback, you can use the red button in the bottom corner to share your feedback.


Hi everyone,

As an update on this, we’ll be switching everyone over to the new version at the end of this week, on April 28th. As always, if you see any issues when using the new version, let us know using the feedback button you’ll see in the bottom corner.


As a final follow-up to this, the new developer tools are now live to everyone!