Check your daily API usage


Hi everyone,

We recently released a new endpoint that will let you check your API usage for the current day. This will let you see the daily API request limit for your account, the total number of requests that have been made for the current day, and the time that the daily limit will reset.

You can find more details for the new endpoint here:


FINALLY! Thanks!


Thanks I have been keen to get this information for some time.

It would help if we could get this information for each integration/end point/HS API we use.


Does calls to this endpoint count against the total?


Hey @dadams,

I’m trying to use this API endpoint but I always get this error:

    "status": "error",
    "message": "This hapikey (xxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [hapikeys-access])",
    "correlationId": "ef293219-f7db-43b8-b195-b07cfdf4xxxx",
    "requestId": "9f752e2ee03d4c196015f76a516xxxxx"

How do I set permissions to the hapikey? I don’t see the link with the app ID and the permissions there.