Clarify API usage on queries



I have searched the forum for an answer to this question, but did not find it - apologies if this is a dup.

If we are making a single call to return (say) 1000 contacts with 100 contacts per page, is that considered to be:

  • 1 request
  • 10 requests (for the 10 pages), or
  • 1000 requests (i.e. a count of the records returned)




Hi @DavidE

We measure individual HTTP requests as a single request. A single request that returns 100 records is a single request, and 10 separate requests to pull 1000 records would be 10 requests.


Hi @dadams

Thanks for that. Just ot be clear - a single request to get the records will result in subsequent page requests, even though it is a “single” request. So each page is treated as a request?




Each page would be a separate request.


Thanks for that. have a good weekend.