Click to call API


Do we have any API to integrate Click to call for in CRM. we have our provider API, how can i integrate...Hope you will do the needful...thanks in advance.


Hi @satheesh,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, are you looking to integrate a 3rd party calling service with the HubSpot CRM? By click to call, are you referring to being able to call contacts in HubSpot using this service? I know there are some 3rd party services that use a Google Chrome browser extension to put a click to call button near phone numbers (this functionality works in the HubSpot CRM). Additionally, you could use the HubSpot calling feature:



Actually, we are VoIP service providers so we would like to integrate with
your crm. Our clients are using your crm, they requested us to integrate in
ur CRM. Is there any possibility to integrate.


Hi @satheesh,

It's definitely possible to build an integration, but the exact APIs you'll need to use depends heavily on what the integration will do. The Engagements API will allow you to create Calls on contact's timeline, and the Contacts API will allow you to update contact properties and/or create contacts. Contact properties can't be clickable links, so for your click-to-call functionality you'd probably want to build a browser extension or something similar.


Hi @satheesh,
Did you find a way to make a click to call function, and can you share any details if you did?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @satheesh and @Anders_Iversen,

HubSpot recently unveiled a Calling API beta, which Aircall currently uses. Check out this product update.

At the bottom, it says to fill out this form if you're a developer who’s interested in getting access to the Calling API.