Clone page error: "New cloned content must be specified."


Hi all,

trying to clone an existing page via results in

"correlationId": "c21fa57b-1472-4f94-a68c-9862dedb9886",
"message": "New cloned content must be specified.",
"requestId": "81ea18ecb626c7e31822fb6d1155e78c",
"status": "error"

Now, where is the proper documentation to the call? I am happy to specify any content if I had a hint on what is required...



Seems like you must provide data in the body as provided in


Hi @Steffen,

Apologies for the delayed response.

I'm glad you found a solution; sorry that our documentation was incomplete. I have made a note to have it updated.

Through my testing, I confirmed that a slug must be defined for the endpoint to return a 201 Created code:

  "slug": "my-api-demo-page-clone-slug"