Clone production portal



There is a simple and fast way to clone the production portal to a test portal? Seems quite strange to replicate by hands all custom poperties, workflows, etc … just for test it. The purpose is to work with the data synchronization with our legacy CRM before goes live with the changes. Many thanks


Hi @enrico.bianchetti,

It’s currently not possible to clone a production portal, though your app will behave in the same way in both the test portal and your production portal (assuming they have the same/similar scopes).


hey @enrico.bianchetti,

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have a production portal with lots of custom contact and deal properties, workflows, etc. I also have a test portal (that i use for a sandbox), that does not contain any of these customizations.

I am considering writing a ruby script that programmatically fetches all of the contact + deal properties from the production portal and then creates them (via the API) to the test portal. BUT, if you've found a solution to this problem, I would prefer to not have to spend the time building the tool :slight_smile:



No @alexneigher, i not found any simple way. The only one is sync via a custom code.