Cloudfare blocking API


I'm struggling to migrate a company into HubSpot, on many levels.

The new client has 36k companies, 47k contacts and 174k engagements.

Tonight, Cloudfare has decided to reject anything with my ip address...

What a nightmare!

Any hints/tips how to bring this client onboard?



Hi @trevorjdaniel
It looks like you should find another migration way.

From my side, I recommend you to pay attention to automated data migration service Data2CRM, an official HubSpot partner.

The service can help you to migrate the following modules automatically:

  • accounts
  • attachments
  • calls
  • contacts
  • emails
  • meetingі
  • noteі
  • opportunitшуі
  • products
  • tasks
  • users

In case you need advanced migration features, the custom migration is available too.

It is important to notice that all the relations between records will be preserved.

You may try Data2CRM in action by running free Demo migration. That is, a limited part of your data will be imported into HubSpot and you will be able to see how it looks.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact Data2CRM experts and get more useful insights.

Hope it is a reasonable suggestion.
Best Regards


Here's where I am...

  1. Surprised that the forum is used for promoting a 3rd party tool. Even though a "official" partner
  2. Surprised that the API doesn't have the ability to enable what i need to do.

Is the "official" hubspot position, "don't try and use our API", use our partner?

Is the API something I shouldn't try and use at any scale?



First of all, I'd like to clarify that I do not work at HubSpot and have no idea why your API access is denied.

Your question looks like you're searching for an alternative way out.
Therefore, all I did is wrote some suggestion regarding what you may do to proceed with the migration using another service.
Sorry if it looks like an advertisement for you.


@Oleksandra_Lukavetsk - don't spam the forum. You offered zero help.


Quick suggestion (realize it might be painful).

You could throw your migration script onto Heroku/ec2. Just thinking it's highly unlikely cloudflare will block those ip ranges.


Hi all,

Just want to address a few things here:

  1. @trevorjdaniel you can tell whether or not a user is a HubSpotter by looking at the user icon; HubSpot employees will have a sprocket on their avatar picture. Nothing coming from a non-HubSpot user reflects an 'official' position.
  2. We don't explicitly disallow product/service recommendations, particularly when they're directly related to the issue at hand.
  3. This topic is by no means breaking any community guidelines, but I would like to preemptively and possibly unnecessarily encourage everyone to remain civil in all forum communications.

With regard to the initial issue: @trevorjdaniel can you give me the full Cloudflare error you're receiving, as well as an example request you're trying to make, and some info on your system (e.g hosting provider, IP addresses in question, etc.).