Collect a batch of companies by companyId




we are using your api to fetch all deals from hubspot to use them internally within our own portal. Now I’d like to have the associated company (name) for each deal if any is assigned.

If I fetch all deals, I have a list of companyIds. For the contacts, there’s the possibility to collect a lot of contacts in a group (see:

I need the same possibility for companies. Currently it is only possible to collect one company per api call. It seems like there’s no option to fetch a group of companies by id(s)?


@orangecoding At the moment yes the only option is to get the companies one by one. We don’t have a batch company endpoint.


This is actually really bad. How am I supposed to get the company of each deal without hitting the rate limit of too many requests? Can I request such an api somewhere?


@orangecoding yes you can. Please search for your idea on the ideas board, if you don’t find it please add it. Our Product team regularly looks at this board.