Collected Forms and Multiple Checkboxes


I have created a custom property called "Organizations" for my contacts and my registration form has multi-select checkboxes that are meant to be mapped to the multi-select options I made under "Organizations" however, the properties that HubSpot receives through my Collected Form don't seem to be mapping right.

I get a warning that those values couldn't be mapped to a contact property, even though I have the collected fields and the "Organization" properties named the same and I can see which boxes are actually checked.

Is there a step I'm missing?


Hi @turner.bass,

If you're on a paid subscription, your best bet for these types of questions is actually HubSpot support. They can immediately begin troubleshooting once you open a ticket.

If support isn't an option, though, please send me your Hub ID and a link to the collected form you're working with.


@Isaac_Takushi thanks for getting back with me on this. Even though I am still having that issue, what I was able to do to work around it was:

  • Copy the collected (Non-HubSpot) form to a HubSpot form
  • Then set up an AJAX call on the page with the Organizations property I was trying to collect

By doing that I could control exactly how those multiple checkboxes were getting mapped and sent to HubSpot's API. That worked out great!

Without knowing exactly how the API is set up to map multiple checkboxes to internal properties, it looks to me like the labels of each checkbox are being read as a single property on their own (single checkbox) instead of options on one property, in this case Organizations. So I think that is what the problem was


Hi @turner.bass,

Ah, I see. I'm glad you were able to find a workaround!

I haven't found documentation on our end on how our collected forms tool picks up the values of multiple checkbox fields, but your description is consistent with behavior I've seen in the past. I appreciate the feedback and will keep my eye out for similar use cases in the future.