Collecting Landing Page form data



Okay so let’s say I have a landing page, and I have a simple form on it with name & email.

I want to be able to click, get redirected to another page and not have the POST data vanish.

Is it possible to pass the form data from a landing page to my own page? Does the redirect pass the form data submitted to the redirected site?


Hi @I2obiN,

If the form is a HubSpot form, the post data is passed to HubSpot and isn’t included client-side on the redirected page. If you need certain information to appear on the thank you page, you could try including it as query parameters in your redirected site URL.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I have almost the exact same use case. How would you do this specifically (on hubspot’s platform)? If our landing page is created on hubspot how to we dynamically specify the redirect url for the form. I’m not seeing any way to customize the form javascript manually, only the ability to specific a specific redirect URL using the dashboard.



So it depends…

If you are redirecting to a page on the same domain or not. If the same domain, just use a cookie or browser db to persist the data. Even pass the data in the URL as prams as per @Derek_Gervais.

if redirecting to another site, you can use Firebase as a workaround. It has the added benefits of having a realtime connection and being cheap. It is free if you don’t need more than 100 concurrent connections. I suppose you can use any cloud db that supports FE JS. You can just send your POST data as you go from page to page.


@Derek_Gervais @IAS @PeterTGIT


So in the end what I ended up using were webhooks. I passed a GET parameter with the landing page redirect and then the webhook posts the form data off to my php page which takes care of both POST and redirecting the user to the correct page. The only issue I find is that webhooks seem very slow to fire off. In the workflow I have it so that they fire any time the landing page’s form is submitted, but if the contact already exists it seems to be very hit and miss or it fires upto a minute later.

It would be great if Hubspot could just let you assign a webhook to a form without any conditionals because if I had to guess the workflow conditional checks are what’s slowing them up.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions guys, all worked out in the end. :wink: