Color change on hover isn't working in the nav bar


Hey, I am using a custom nav bar for the website. Here is the preview link:

I need to change the color of the text and sub-text in the drop-down of the product tab when I hover over any link to #ff3366 , I tried putting classes and IDs but it's not working.


Hi, @Abhishek_Sharma.

Please remember that Connor and I are not dedicated designers. Although we are often more than willing to take a look and make simple edits, we should not be considered "short order" CMS developers who will complete design tasks for you. Please keep this in mind when seeking assistance on this forum.

Could you share a link to that page in the editor? I can't access the editor from that preview link or find the software/expense-policy page in your account.


This is the preview link:
Though the color is changing while hovering on the links but if you see the 1st and 2nd link they are changing in blue color while hovering , rest is good.


Hey, @Abhishek_Sharma.

Could you send me a link to the page in the editor? Please do not send a preview link, as I cannot access the page editor from there.


This is the editor link:


Thank you, @Abhishek_Sharma.

It looks like you were able to get those menu items to appear white.

I noticed that the font was flashing back to blue on mouse out, so I added two missing inline styles (style="color:#fff;") to this module.

All the menu items should now only appear white on hover.