Color Tool Requirement



Hi everyone,

I want to create a color tool in HubSpot hosted site.

which is like this:

  1. Please guide if this is feasible.
  2. If yes, some pointers to existing code and documentation.



Hi @sameer,

The HubSpot CMS supports HTML 5 and JavaScript, so it’s entirely feasible to create a simple coloring page on a HubSpot hosted page. I’ve never worked on a project like that, but I was able to find some that might provide some inspiration:


Hi @Derek_Gervais ,

Thank you for suggestion but I want to showcase these following elements as in the link shared by me-
Paint Brush
Water Color
Select SVG

Thanks a lot.


Hi @sameer,

It’s certainly possible to create an app with that same functionality and host it on the HubSpot COS, but I’m not able to consult on the exact implementation. The link I provided was intended as a reference, not a guide. I’d be happy to answer any HubSpot specific questions, but you’ll need to create the color tool on your own.