Combined API Limits?



I am getting 429’s very quickly. I was wondering. Do each of the accounts under my master account share the daily API limit? To clarify, I opened a few other test environments which I used to test api calls against while I was developing the integration of our company. Do the calls I make to these test accounts under the sub account contribute to the overall 10,000 daily api call limit on our master account? Or are the completely separate and should not affect each other?

Additionally, does the Integration of SalesForce contribute to this limit? And if so, is there a way of seeing how much of the limit is being consumed by this integration?



I can’t speak to the aggregate API usage of all your accounts, but Salesforce API calls are independent of any API calls used for custom development with HubSpot.


Is there anybody at hubspot that can confirm my test accounts don’t affect my production accounts api usage limit?


Hi @tbrox,

API limits are portal specific, so test portal usage will not affect production portal usage. Also, bradmin is correct that your Salesforce API call limit is distinct from your HubSpot API limits. Is it possible you’re hitting the secondly limit (10 requests/second) instead of the daily limit?


No, we are definitely hitting the global limit. We have 2 production servers we are trying to do a full data sync on. The issue is that there are just about 200,000 API calls we have to make.

I am trying to come up with a solution to fix the issue, but as of right now, we are not in good shape.


Hi @tbrox,

I’ll direct message you for more details.