Companies by domain query returns same company twice


Hey there,

I’m making the following API call to our HubSpot production instance:


According to, that should return the “list of all companies that have a matching domain to the specified domain”.

However, in this specific case, it returns the same company twice, with the same portalId, companyId, and isDeleted (both false). When searching for this domain in the HubSpot UI, it only is returned once. Other domains return the result only a single time.

Can you tell me why that happens and how to fix it?



Hi @hheimbuerger

It’s possible for multiple companies to have the same domain, so it’s not unusual for that endpoint to return multiple matches, but it shouldn’t be include the same companyId multiple times. Can you send me your Hub ID and the domain you saw this with so I can take a look at this?


Hi dadams,

Please see my support ticket #429513. I provided all this information there already, but they said they couldn’t help me and I’d have to ask here. Even when I pointed out that it doesn’t make sense to post this in a public forum without the specific domain this is occuring on.



@hheimbuerger I talked to the support rep that originally handled that ticket, and for the details from them. I’m seeing the same issue and so I’m passing this along to our CRM team, I’ll let you know when there are any updates on this.


For anyone else reading this: I heard from the support team that this bug should have been resolved (haven’t tested it myself yet).