Company already has 10000 associations



We're hitting this limit when relating engagements to a Company. How can we get past this ? Who can we contact to increase the limit ?

"{\"status\":\"error\",\"message\":\"one or more associations are not valid\",\"correlationId\":\"b4bc80dc-087e-41be-bf05-26fee5936456\",\"validationResults\":[{\"row\":{\"portalId\":3034353,\"definition\":{\"name\":\"COMPANY_TO_ENGAGEMENT\",\"id\":7,\"inverseId\":8,\"category\":\"HUBSPOT_DEFINED\",\"cardinality\":\"ONE_TO_MANY\",\"fromObjectType\":\"COMPANY\",\"toObjectType\":\"ENGAGEMENT\",\"maxToObjectIds\":10000},\"fromObjectId\":601104690,\"fromObjectType\":\"COMPANY\"},\"result\":\"HIT_FROM_OBJECT_LIMIT\"}],\"errorMessages\":[\"COMPANY=601104690 already has 10000 associations\"],\"requestId\":\"c1674755c95284e74392d8e20c32ef87\"}



I just created the test note below on the company record in question (companyId 601104690) via this endpoint without encountering that error:

Could you share the full request URL and body (without authentication and other sensitive information) for which you are receiving that error?


@Isaac_Takushi thanks for taking the time to test. We've resolved the issue for now by removing a bunch of the related engagements.

We're still reviewing whether having 10k+ engagements is a real use case for us. We can let this thread die for now.


Happy to help, From what I gathered, that was your own company's record, so you have more control over what's logged.