Company association when creating new contact



When our Sales Department creates a new Contact from the "Create New Contact" menu there is no chance to select an existing company to make the association immediately: I looked for the property "Company" in the "Set the properties your team sees when creating contacts." but there isn't (there's just the "Company Name" property which is free text)
Conversely when creating a new deal, there is the possibility to select the associated company.
Why is that? Do you have any suggestion to overcome this issue apart from selecting the associated company from the newly created contact page?


Hi @Aliba, these forums are more geared toward help with our public API endpoints, so Support might be your best option. That said, the reason you see this field on Deals, but not on Contacts is because Contacts do not inherently always have a Company associated with them. They may have signed up with a gmail or yahoo account for a product you sell, so they don't always have an associated company. Deals, on the other hand, inherently need a contact or company to functionally work. You can't sell something to nobody, so having the association there is a must, whereas on a contact this is not true 100% of the time.

This all said, you can use this setting here: to automatically associate a contact with a company if you so choose.